And if one day I’ll have to go? – Christopher Robin asked squeezing the bear’s paw – What then?
No big deal – Winnie the Pooh assured him – I will sit here and wait for you.
When you love someone, then that someone will never disappear.

– Alan Alexander Milne –

“Imprints of love” – what it is?

It’s something special that was not available on the polish cats’ and dogs’ lovers market. I was first in Poland (and who knows, perhaps in the whole World) to come up with the idea and to put it in life. I created sets of unique kind of clay for the memorial paw prints of your beloved animal friend.
To be honest it is something more than a simple gadget, it is one of the most important friend keepsakes that will stay with you forever.
(all sets can be found here)


What is so distinctive about “Imprints of love”?

The semi- finished products and single elements: wooden cases with the engraving, wooden frames with passpartout, heart shaped cutting molds, rolling pin and the stick as well as all the wooden details that make the Imprints of love set are custom made especially for Łapeczkowo by local craftsmen and they are all produced in Poland! I not aim to provide nice design, but most of all hand in product of the highest quality. Thanks to this, you can be sure you buy something really unique.


Did you know ..

You need to know, all the sets are hand made – starting from putting together all the elements, dressing them, packing, finishing on wrapping them with the twine and topping with the one and only note containing my original quote. Thanks to all this, each set is unique and what you get is 100% handmade with all my love.
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What’s the most important!

One of the top priorities of a dogs’ owners is their safety. For me, the safety of your dogs is as important as the safety of my own furry friends.
For this reason it took me a while to find the perfect clay. Yet, you can be sure your friend is safe as in Łapeczkowo the clay is 100 % safe.
(information about the composition of the mass)



“Your best friend doesn’t have to be .. Human!”
– Wancka –

There is no doubt – the bond between you and your furry friend is magical. On the day when it first settled in your heart and then in your home everything change for the better. They say you may show your love in different ways, but they is only one way that will keep the part of it with you forever. “Imprints of love” .. chose the one that best matches your love.

Yet, there is much more in my Łapeczkowo, you may find here handmade gadgets, that are created manually, with loads of love and attention and under the vigilant supervision of my reliable helpers. I share those with you, hoping they will bring this special thing into your live and you’ll love them as your own.



If you have questions or you want me to prepare something especially for you, just write me a message!